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Helping the owners and top management prepare for the future

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As business gets bigger and more complicated, the pressure for keeping up growth and value creation increases for top management. This raises a number of questions and concerns around people dynamics and ownership such as:

Do we have the competences and structure needed to fulfill our ambitions? Are we fully aligned on what we want to achieve? What are the internal barriers standing in our way? Are we the best owners going forward and what are the options?

We are specialized in helping owners and top management addressing people issues critical for fulfilling the ambitions of the shareholders. We give you a clear, honest and to-the-point recommendation of best route forward – to maximize likelihood for success and spare you for entering down a path that you will later regret.

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Family and owner-managed companies play a vital role in Denmark

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Dealing with increasing complexity as the company grows and moves further away from where it started


Shaping the board, the executive team and the governance model to serve the interests of the owner

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Considerations about change of ownership and defining own future role in life

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Dealing with the family dynamics influencing the business

about us

Our background and experience


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