Board dynamics

Our objective is to guide the non-executive board in evaluating its composition and ability to create shareholder value.

The process starts with a detailed understanding of the company’s present and future desired position. Based on these findings, we define the scope of the evaluation together with the client.

The board evaluation typically has focus on:

  • Personal and functional competencies
  • Composition and diversity
  • Roles, values and cooperation within the board
  • Interface and cooperation with the executive board
  • Dynamics within the owner structure
  • Succession planning
  • Improvement opportunities for the board

We meet the non-executive board members, executive board members and key stakeholders individually to achieve the deepest possible insight and confidentiality.

Feedback and improvement recommendations are given to the board in verbal and written form. Further, individual feedback is given to each non- executive board member and the executive board.

Following the feedback, we can assist the board in implementation and follow up on specific improvement areas.

We recommend that the board evaluation runs in a 3 year cycle, where year 2 and 3 start from the findings and recommendations of the first year’s board evaluation.

3 year Board Dynamics cycle: