C-suite prediction

Main focus is the CEO and the other members of the executive board; CFO, COO, CMO, CIO etc. The evaluation is aimed at the demands in the position, company values and includes a peer group benchmark.

We enter the hiring process after identification of potential candidates and before signing the contract.

The candidates may be:

  • Internal
  • External already spotted by the client
  • Those provided through a formal search process

in any combination and sequence.

We apply a systematic and methodical approach to secure the validity of the prognosis. We have long standing experience working with top managers across borders.

The strength of the prognosis is founded on:

  • Psychological testing
  • Psychodynamic understanding of leadership capacity
  • Detailed evaluation of experience as to function, industry and scope
  • Risk assessment and pitfalls

Our focus is entirely on evaluating the candidate’s probability for success in the specific position. We have no dependencies, preferences or special interests in the candidate. Our purpose is only to create transparency and certainty for both the client and the candidate, before the final hiring decision is made.

However, we do not stop with the signature of the contract. We help the candidate and the company through the critical on-boarding process.

C-Suite prediction process:

The process involves all key stakeholders. It is completed fast, discrete and respectfully.